Stock Cars in General Questions ...

Jim Betz


  My basic question goes like this ...

  Suppose you are talking about a stock car loading facility
  that is "on line" somewhere on some particular railroad.

  Would those cars be "mostly cars that are owned by that
RR"?  Would it be common/expected that there would be
some cars that are not?  What kind of percentages of cars
from foreign RRs would be normal.

  My actual question is "how much more common would
it be that stock cars seen being loaded on RR ___ would
actually be cars owned by/lettered for that RR?"

  Similarly - at some point "a few cars at a time" becomes
a "stock train" that is going to market(s).  When that has
happened does the mix (percentages) of foreign cars

    Examples - stock loading pens somewhere on the ATSF -
    versus a Santa Fe stock train headed for Chicago and
    points East.

  Extra credit ... did stock cars, for the most part, come
back to their originating road and make repeated trips to/from
their owning RR?  I.e. were they pretty much in dedicated
service for that one RR?

  I'm not talking as much about the exceptions as I am about
the regular/every day situations.  And if you want to discuss
the exceptions then please do so with some information about
how common such exceptions were/were not.
  And I'm not interested - primarily - in how stock cars were
reused for other kinds of loads.  I know that happened and
what kinds of loads might be/not be loaded in a stock car.
                                                                                                   - Jim

P.S. Wasn't it true that any individual RR pretty much had enough
       of its own stock cars to 'cover' stock loads generated on/by
       that RR?

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