Re: Stock Cars in General Questions ...

Jim Betz


  OK, the era I'm interested in is primarily the transition.  And
the part of the country I'm interested in is "the West".  I
-intentionally- did not ask for answers that are RR specific -
if you think the answers have to be phrased that way then
please explain why that is important.  I am not familiar
with "stock operations" on the prototype(s).

  And I'm not asking so much about "stock trains" (such as
stock moving from some where in the West to some where
in the East) as I'm interested in the moves/locations that 'fed'
those same long distance trains.

  For instance a location some where in Montana (or Idaho or
Utah or Eastern Oregon or Texas or Colorado) that is loading
the cows (or sheep) into the cars from nearby ranches.  
And not the trains that moved large numbers of stock cars
over long distances (after they've been collected) so much
as the locals and regionals that were involved in gathering
the cars for the final move(s) to market.
  Yes, I know that there were some very large operations
that generated enough cars to become a stock train that
moved to Chicago.

  And as I stated in my O.P. - I'm interested in the mix
of the cars ... whether they would be mostly home road
and what percentage might be foreign road cars.
      I'm also assuming/guessing that those same percentages
would find themselves 'passed forward' into the long distance
stock trains (correct?).
                                                                                           - Jim  

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