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Hello folks,

As most are aware the second run of Rapido meat reefers in HO scale has come and gone. NERS has two Oscar Mayer cars, URTX #5389 and #5392, left and one Wilson Car Lines car, WCLX #9458, left and we also will be out. The NERS price on these cars is $40 per car with shipping being $6 for one car or $8 for two. If interested the cars can be ordered through our Virginia address or from New England Rail Service, Inc., 14 Portland St. #508, Morrisville, VT 05661

Our custom run of Atlas 36 ft. meat reefers decorated in the 1937 to
mid-1960's style is going down but both road numbers are still available. Once again, these cars are $44 each with the same $6 shipping cost for one car or $8 for two.

Once the inventory is complete NERS will be running a special sale of
Westerfield steam era freight cars that should be of interest to many in this group. Please stay tuned for the full list. In conducting inventory some of our custom run of 1941 prototype built 1937 ARA box cars were
found from the run we commissioned from Innovative Model Works (now Red Caboose) in the original B&M paint with the rectangular herald. Many of
the cars remained painted and lettered in this manner into the early 1950's before receiving new paint and a Minuteman herald. We have three road numbers available at $25 per car plus $6 shipping for one, $8 for two and
$9 for three. Additionally, one each of all three boxcars hacve a special price of $65 with the $9 shipping cost additional.

Should anyone have any questions please contact me off list at newrail@...

Cordially, Don Valentine
New England Rail Service, Inc.

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