Re: PRR X29 and B&O M-26 roofs

Benjamin Hom

Clark Propst wrote:
"Frustrated with another project I decided to build my PMHS commissioned Red Caboose model. It’s been forever since I’ve built one of those X29 cars. I was very impressed with the engineering of the kit. Went together much better than most plastic kits and with better detailing. The PMHS had an amended instruction page added. I noticed from photos in RP Cyc 18 they missed the route card placard on the door and the pulling loops in the sill."

Careful - you have more issues than a missing route card placard and towing loops. Do not depend on the kit instructions regarding brake layout - ensure you verify the prototype brake layout (including the retainer line on the B end) and modify as necessary. The AB brake layout in the Red Caboose instructions is correct ONLY for PRR Dreadnaught end cars built new with AB brakes and is not correct for Class X29 boxcars retrofitted with AB brakes or any ARA-design cars built new. The transverse-mounted reservoir is a key spotting feature and is an obvious indicator that you got it wrong on the model, so a little care here is in order.

Ben Hom

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