Re: Old Trains, New Parts?

Andy Harman

At 07:45 PM 4/14/2015 +0000, you wrote:
Actually, you just named one instance. The Ulrich GS gon is still the only game in town for SP Class G-50-12; the Red Caboose and Detail Associates models are not the same prototype.
As you know I have kind of a drop bottom gondola fetish that, like my passenger train fetish, extends beyond my normal modeling era and scope. I actually have a couple of Challenger brass GS gondolas and I think one might be a G50-12, but I'd have to go down two flights of stairs to check at the moment. I have a whole stack of the Ulrich cars I picked up for an average of <$10, in fact I think I got 5 of them for 40 bucks at Winterail one time. I don't know when I'd get around to it but nice to know I could still build something unique from it.

And I do have Tony's book....


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