Sunshine Alternate Std. Hopper Minikit

Andy Harman

One of the Naperville Sunshine Minikit giveaways was a set of side overlays to convert an Atlas AAR offset side hopper to the alternate standard, and it came with decals for Montour and Cambrian & Indiana. The instruction sheet that comes with it doesn't have a photo of the actual cars, but has photos of ribbed side cars to show lettering.

My question is - since Intermountain has released the very nice alternate standard car making lots of NKP and C&O fans very happy... would anybody be interested in this Sunshine minikit today? I recently found my entire pile of Naperville minikits. Many of them I will keep and use, but some like this one, I will never use and plan to list on that auction site. Is there anything special about this minikit that would make it desirable over the IM car?


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