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Interesting point Dennis -- Do you know whether "XF" box cars had wood lining
above the load as well? I never heard of the sweating problem before but lined
ceilings make a lot more sense now. The N&W B-18 PS-1 box cars were not insulated
but they had plug doors and lined ceilings -- just to name one car for which I
happen to have an interior photo scan from the Virginia Tech web site.

Tim O'
I donno, Tim. I can't seem to find "XF" in the list of mechanical designations in either the 1/58 or 10/70 ORER, but in 1958 there was a designation "XME" which was lined for "merchandise loading". I do recall seeing XF stenciled on cars, but after the period of this list. It may be one of those designations that came and went; disappearing when it became evident that if you are going to spend the money on lining a car, you may as well insulate it. "XI" was another short lived designation; eventually all these lined and insulated high value cars were also built with loaders and became the ubiquitous RBL of today.

Dennis Storzek

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