Speedwitch Christmas in April-FGEX & WFEX decals really fine

Bill Welch

A parcel of goodies arrived today from Speedwitch including new sets of Fruit Growers and Western Fruit decals to do older cars, meaning those built to the 1922 and 1926 FGE designs as well as some reefers that came from other railroads. I have three models waiting for these. I have to admit that Sunshine's decals for these two companies always looked a little heavy—a subjective statement I admit— but a part of me will cringe a little when Speedwitch and Sunshine decaled cars are side-by-side. "Double Deck" decals are included that can be used with Sunshine's #34.2 kit. These have never been available before. Three variations of the GN goat herald are included.

Another package highlight is the Vol. 3 of Prototype Railroad Modeling which for this issue is essentially a "Ya'll" road issue since the Frisco went into Birmingham , Ala. (LOL) Bob Chapman's article on modeling L&N coal hoppers is really well done in terms of showing us "how to do it." I love the rare photo showing the L&N's USRA hopper with its Andrews trucks. Very well illustrated and comprehensive in terms of their large and diverse fleet.

I also appreciated the remembrance of our beloved Richard and the tip of the hat to the FSA/OWI Collection housed at the Library of Congress.

Bill Welch

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