Re: Sunshine Alternate Std. Hopper Minikit

Andy Harman

At 06:10 AM 4/15/2015 -0700, you wrote:

I recently completed the NYC USRA offset side conversion. The castings weren't too bad. I used a Tichy hopper (not an Accurail car as recommended) and the process went well, although the decals supplied by SS were horrible. Very fuzzy. I ended up decaling the car letter-by-letter and it took forever.
Actually for my (mumble) era there were more of the NKP 3-bay offset side cars in service than the 2-bay, and there's no model that currently exists of that car either. The old MDC and/or the Stewart/Bowser 3-bay offset is just a stand in. Just one of many on my to-do list someday, or wait for someone to offer a resin kit or conversion. Unlike the N&W H-10, I don't need 50 of them - a small sampling of 2-3 would be enough and so I wouldn't mind doing a kitbash or resin build.

I believe Martin did a MP hopper-top conversion. If you've got that one and are letting it go, can you give me a shout, please?
I think I may have sold that one last year.


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