NYC 28000 Series Stock Car

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While on the subject of stock car, I’m chasing some information on the NYC 28000 series stock cars.


1)      What type of metal roofwalk were these cars fitted with?


This link is to a pdf with a pic of a 28000 series car 16 photos down the page.


2)      What does the stenciling above the LH stirrup say?

3)      What does the stenciling above the RH truck say?


757-8 is stenciled above the NYC herald.


4)      Would that number be the same on all 28000 series or vary from car to car?

If the latter, any idea of alternate numbers (ie, how the number changed)?


The photo on Page 109 of the 1953 Car Builders Cyclopedia shows another ¾ view of 28000.

5)      What do the two lines of stenciling above the coupler say?


Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Dave North


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