NYC 28000 Series Stock Car.

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I may have been a bit quick with my questions.

Further down the PDF on P16 is a lettering diagram.


Q1) I still need to know the style of running board (apologies for calling it a roof walk previously)


Q2) Stenciling above LH stirrup is the Builders Trade Plate

It looks like it says –

Rebuilt by



Does this make sense?

If so, does anyone know where the Dispatch Shops were located?


Q3) Stenciling above RH truck is Journal Box Packing

But I still have no idea what the three lines say.


Q4) 757-8 is the Lot Number, so I assume it doesn’t change for this series of cars.


Q5) Unfortunately, the stencil diagram doesn’t have an end view of the stockcar – just the hopper and gon.

So I still need help here.



Dave North


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