Re: NYC 28000 Series Stock Car

Stan Madyda

I am currently doing four of the 28000 series and two of the 27000 series.  Yes, the RMC article is an excellent guide.   There are actually a couple of more articles out done with fish belly underframes but I have not seen an actual photo.  The NYC drawings that I have show the lengthwise rod on the left hand side of the car as you face the brake end.  Photos show it on the opposite side.  For my cars, I am leaving the width as it is.  I didn't want to attempt cutting the car in half and then trying to get a good looking joint.  Plus the livestock enjoy the extra room!  I did one car with the end ladders with individual grabs. It's tedious but it came out okay.  I did wreck a couple of ladders in the process.  What helped me was using a sharp punch to make a starter hole before drilling.  Otherwise, I had difficulty with the bit wandering which damaged the ladder.  For the other cars, I'm using a stock Tichy ladder on the ends.  The rod on the bottom of the car is easily broken and I am thinking of removing it and replacing it with a brass rod.  If I do that, I'll file a groove in the back of the hangers.


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