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Hi Stan,

Thanks for your thoughts and comments.

Yes, I also saw the article mentioning the fishbelly underfame.

The General Arrangement diagram I sourced from the NYC Historical Society, and the photo in the pdf

show a straight underframe, which appears to be match the USRA underfame available from Tichy (which makes sense).


I feel I’ll probably narrow the body, but use the Tichy ends (which I hope should fit) to save gluing the ends back together and filing all those rib joints (grin).


Like you in intent to replace the plastic rod with a metal one.

I’ll drill the end two brackets using a normal twist drill but for the inner ones, I’ll use a needle to mark a centre hole on the inner bracket, then I’ll sharpen the end of a piece of steel or brass rod of the appropriate size to make a spade drill, mount it in a pin vise and feed it through the end bracket so I can tunnel bore the adjacent middle bracket, then do the same for the other middle bracket.


I’ve done this before for long grab irons, and it has worked well. There is a 50/50 chance it will work for this as well.


I’ll check out the other items you mention when the cars arrive (just bought them so I don’t have them yet).


Stan, do you have any other prototype photos of these cars, please?


Dave North



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