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Ed Mims

Scalpel blades are vastly superior to X-acto or other hobby knife blades. But they must be the "real thing", not a hobby knock-off. They are stiff and stay extremely sharp for much longer. The down side is the variety of shapes and sizes is limited.

Ed Mims
Jacksonville, FL

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I use both. I won’t call the scalpels “flexible” but the blade is about .015” thick compared to the Xacto which is about .020” thick. But the scalpel does have a tendency to wander a little when used with a straightedge. On the other hand, the very tip of the blade doesn’t break off like the Xacto knife. But, I also don’t use it to score .040” styrene since it tends to wander…

Bottom line…I have yet to figure out a reason to recommend modelers purchase a scalpel…

Jack Burgess

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Some of you have or do use scalpels instead of, or in addition to, hobby knives such as X-acto. Are
scalpel blades stiff or flexible?

Gene Green

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