Re: Scalpels or scalpel blades

Steve Haas

<<Over the last couple of mornings I have been using my favorite cutting tool, the Single Edge Razor Blade, to make some very small styrene nuts for an unusual fitting on a Tenn. Central RS-3. As I was doing this I realized that I need to compensate for the angle of the blade when I made the cut or my nuts would not be square when looked at on the side. (Can one really tell from three feet away, LOL?).>>


<<Although this also occurs when using the NWSL "Chopper" it gets exaggerated sometimes by the SERB flexing as it cuts. Again, can one really tell from three feet away, yet it does frustrate me sometimes. I am trying to tame my desire of perfection.>>



Feed that desire for perfection!


Cut a touch large and sand to “squareness™” and final dimension.


Best regards,




Steve Haas

Snoqualmie, WA


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