Re: Scalpels or scalpel blades

Tony Thompson

Ed Mims wrote:

Scalpel blades are vastly superior to X-acto or other hobby knife blades. But they must be the "real thing", not a hobby knock-off. They are stiff and stay extremely sharp for much longer. The down side is the variety of shapes and sizes is limited.

   Not sure what "superior" means here. I think that scalpel blades are probably a superior alloy of steel, but I most certainly would not agree that they are superior for model railroading use, at least as I have practiced for 40 some years. In that I agree with Jack Burgess.

   I have always used medical blades, with a couple of handles I originally obtained from a medical colleague when I was in the university. Good cutting, yes. Superior, no. I personally love the hobby knife chisel blade, X-Acto or otherwise, and use it for many things in the hobby.

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