Re: Scalpels or scalpel blades


Honing a mass production blade edge removes any high-volume production out of tolerance errors and results in a superior blade that only takes the user about 10-seconds to bring to perfection.

You get to choose from using either the average quality edge; or the superior, quickly perfected edge from a very few seconds attention before the blades first use. It takes about the same amount of time as making certain the blade is properly mounted and locked in your knife handle.

It saves even more time in the resulting superior blade that works in a single clean stroke instead of maybe a few almost right strokes for the same cut.

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Mike Bauers
Milwaukee, Wi

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Why would I want to sharpen X-acto blades and single edge razor blades? They are cheap and my modeling time is to valuable to waste sharpening them.

Jared Harper
Athens, GA

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I do use my Xacto blades somewhat differently than most inasmuch as I routinely keep them sharp on a very fine white Arkansas stone (ditto with my ubiquitous single edge razor blades). Such sharpening can carry the machined edges of these blades to an entirely new level, and extend their working life to a year or more (3 years for a chisel blade).


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