Re: Scalpels or scalpel blades


Many interesting views. I use both. My doctor introduced me to the throw away scalpel with handle. Knife retracts into handle when not in use. You can check it out at Cincinnati Surgical Co., size No. 11 safety scalpel, Ref 05S11. I have used these for several years.

Why sharpen a xacto blade? I take a no 17 blade and grind it from each side to create a blade 1/8 inch in width with rounded corners that centers in handle. Great for carving off molded on grab irons, etc. I will resharpen this blade for many months on a small stone, used by fisherman for sharpening hooks, rather than grinding a new blade for use on each new model project. A few passes on the stone and blade is as sharp as when new.
Lester Breuer

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