Stainless steel tubing

Tom Madden

Detail Associates 0.019” brass wire is D.A. #2506. Their stainless equivalent is #3506. They also have SS wire in 0.010”, 0.012” and 0.015” diameters.


0.020” I.D. stainless hypodermic tubing is available from Amazon/Small parts:


If that link gets messy the Google search term for the tubing is HTX-22T.


I’ve just put a PDF in the Files area describing how I cut stainless tubing for tank car handrail unions. It’s titled Cutting_Stainless_Tubing.pdf.


The acid tank I’m doing now is my first one using stainless wire for the side handrails. Will post photos when the handrails are done. Have done lots of tanks with brass handrails but Bill’s photo should show how that looks.


Tom Madden

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