Re: Very Small Plastic Tubing

Andy Harman

At 01:21 AM 4/27/2015 -0400, you wrote:
I need to measure the pen needles I use for injecting my daily Victoza
I pulled the needle out of its plastic holder. The total length including the beveled points at both ends is about .750". The O.D. measures just under .010". The smallest wire I have on hand is DA .006" and it will not fit inside. I can see the opening but it's a no-go. My guess is the actual ID is .003" to .004". Also it's rather difficult to pull the tubing out of the plastic holder without crushing it. I whittled away the plastic with a knife and still squished the tubing a bit. So not sure if it would be useful or not. Larger hypodermic needles and tubing are out there, but this is one of the smallest I've seen. It's called a "BD ultrafine 8mm" - 8mm being the exposed part for injection but the whole tube is .750".


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