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Tom Madden

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> Why the use of the two different types of wire, Tom? Is the stainless wire
> to stiff/difficult to make the required curvature for the end and bend to meet
> that on the sides? Are we speaking of stainless piano wire or something similar?

It's Detail Associates stainless steel wire, available in four sizes: 0.010", 0.012", 0.015" and 0.019". Straight, 12" lengths packed just like their brass wire, with stock numbers in the 3xxx series matching the 2xxx numbers of their brass wire. I use brass for the tank end handrails because it's much easier to form than the stainless. Even with a forming fixture I still do a lot of fiddling to get the end handrails to fit exactly. It's a leftover habit from my narrow gauge days when I did a lot of brass work - form the wire to fit exactly so that the solder, or in this case the splice, isn't under tension when the joint is completed.

I neglected to include the link Bill asked for in my previous reply. My 22 gauge (0.020" ID, 0.028" OD) stainless tubing came from Small Parts before Amazon took it over, but the Amazon link to the same tubing is:


A foot of it ($3.78) will make a LOT of unions. Enough to do lots of tank cars even if, like me, you have half of them go flying off into neverland when you're trying to maneuver them into position!

Tom Madden

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