Re: Clark Propst’s M&StL in video


Clark's layout is superb.  It is likely the best layout modeling I have ever seen.  I know many of you, perhaps most, have seen and enjoyed photos of Clark's layout and seen the high quality modeling and the good photography, too.  

BUT, for anyone familiar with Mason City or for someone who has walked the M&StL line through Mason City, the way Clark has captured scene after scene, each scene in proper sequence, has to be seen to be believed.  There does not appear to be any foreshortening, omissions or missing elements.  Somehow Clark squeezed in everything without making anything looked squeezed.

Okay, I'll confess a modicum of bias here.  Clark is a friend, I grew up 20 miles south of Mason City, went to school there, lived there, walked the M&StL with Clark and Doug Harding and am a slobbering M&StL freak, too.  Other than those tiny factors I am completely unbiased.

Gene Green

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