Re: Broadway ltd announces 6,000 gallon ACF type 27 tank car

Andy Harman

At 06:34 AM 4/30/2015 -0700, you wrote:
Tony Thompson writes "Richard Hendrickson annoyed practically all the manufacturers, all the
time". That choice of words astounds me. If what Richard actually did was "annoy" manufacturers
then what this hobby needs is about fifty more "Annoyers" to get some needed items produced
To paraphrase Orwell, some annoyers are more annoying than others.

I've never been annoying enough. The one and only time I ever achieved any success - as in, getting an error fixed before a model went into production - it was because I awakened some of the more high level annoyers. They're still around for the most part. I figure if the combined clout of all you guys on this list and others isn't enough to have BLI "get it" that 4-packs of non-unit train cars are just an obvious attempt to force extra purchases (mainly on the dealers), then what am I, fried chicken liver?


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