$12 off-Intermountain HO NP alt std AAR 2-bay hoppers 4 sale

Andy Carlson <midcenturyandy@...>


I have 12 Intermountain Northern Pacific HO 2-bayhoppers of the AAR alt std design. This is a fairly recent offering from Intermountain, and ranks as one of their best executed designs for freight cars.

Intermountain #47152, I have 2 each of 6 numbers. Cars are in as-delivered paint scheme of 1-40 build date. You can look at these cars on Intermountain's web site.

Retail at $40 each, I am selling my remaining cars for $28/each, plus shipping. There are a total of 6 different numbers. If you want all 6 numbers, I will try to accommodate you, though you should not delay too long.

I accept checks and money orders. For a small fee, I accept PayPal. If interested, contact me off-list (Please) at <midcentury@...>

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