50th Anniversary Sale of Westerfield kits

Don Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

Hi folks,

A few weeks ago I mentioned that last November marked our 50th year in business and that we would be
celebrating with a sale of Westerfield kits once they were all listed. That has been done and the list is available
by emailing newrail@surfglobal.net. As I understand things almost all Westerfield kits now sell for $35 each.
The cost for the listed kits, some 90 of them given that some are available in multiples, is $28 each. Shipping
is $6 for one car, $8 for two cars and $10 for three or more cars. This price is good on the cars listed only and
only for those cars in stock at the time your order is received. The sale for the Westerfield cars will last until
30 June this year.

Happy modeling, Don Valentine
New England Rail Service, Inc.

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