Re: Source for small tungsten weights

Andy Harman

At 09:35 PM 5/5/2015 -0700, you wrote:

whose Pinewood Derby experience was before high-tech aftermarket products. (Or any aftermarket, actually)
My brother entered a Pinewood Derby long long ago... I had several brilliant ideas, including Hot Wheels style sprung axles, but turns out all of my ideas were illegal anyway. At the actual event several really nice looking cars were disqualified for being overweight. The car that won best appearance had some low-slinging parts that prevented it from even rolling down the ramp.

Is tungsten malleable like lead, gold etc? I've never worked with it. I can see some places where I could use it, but only if I could easily cut and shape it. Normally I use sheet lead, except in situations where every cubic millimeter counts - then I use Cerrobend, which is gadawful expensive but when you can pour liquid metal into plastic without melting the plastic, it's worth it.


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