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A&Y Dave in MD

Cube, putty, and flat tungsten weights can be found at Walmart and on eBay with cheaper shipping. Do a google search, avoid fishing related products, and you'll find lots of options with reasonable shipping.


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Just got a call from Maximum Velocity informing me that the maximum order at that price is 5 oz.  I cancelled my order. – Al Westerfield
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Andy – Thanks.  I just purchased 18 oz. – Al Westerfield
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Subject: [STMFC] Source for small tungsten weights

Let us try this again.......

A company which specializes in pinewood derby racing cars, Maximum Velocity, has a sale currently for Tungsten weights. Tungsten, though expensive, is very dense (almost twice the density of Lead and similar to uranium and Gold). It is really useful in locomotives and open freight cars, such as flats and gondolas.

This firm is running special prices. Available at <>

You can get an extra discount, beyond the clearance discount, by typing in "SPRING15SALE" in the appropriate box.

I have purchased many weights in different sizes and shapes. I got quick shipping, so I can recommend this firm to viewers of this list.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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