Re: AAR Std 2 bay hopper question

Charles Tapper

I looked through everything I had and concluded that the car I had will get my freelanced mill roads reporting marks. I never found a car with that combo. And I have the C&O hopper book (at home in Tulsa).

Sitting tight and listening to the seemingly endless tornado and flood alarms in OKC.

I will double check my resources and if in error I will recant.

Charlie Tapper

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Bruce Smith asked:
"I had purchased an Atlas AAR std hopper with radial ends to convert to an AAR alt std Montour hopper using the Sunshine minikit.  Now that I have that car care of IM, I'm trying to figure out what to do with the original hopper."
Al Kresse replied:
"The C&O 132500, 133500, and 133900 series twin, offset side hops blt 1937-1940 had radial ends with vertical braces."
Bruce replied:
"I can't find any photos of those series in RP Cyc articles, but cars of similar design (AMC Std) have side stake arrangements that appear more similar to that of the AAR alternate standard hopper design. Do you know the side stake pattern on these cars?  The goal here is, of course, to use this Atlas hopper model without having to carve it to pieces or use the Sunshine minikit.  If I wanted an arrangement like the alt std, I'd start with the IM car ;) "
I share Bruce's skepticism.  I have the series that Al Kresse quoted as AAR alternate standard design cars, based on information from his book on C&O Hopper Cars.  I suspect the Atlas car in question to be bogus, and the best use of it would be to use it as a base for the Sunshine minkit, or saving yourself the trouble and selling both and using the proceeds to buy the Intermountain model.
Ben Hom

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