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Instead consider using tungsten powder.

It's about $25 for four oz from pro golf shops and $75 for a full pound from industrial sources.

Here's one link... 

I'll remind you that ten pounds of ingot lead will cost $10-$19 at full service hardware stores.

Ages ago I weighted down plastic HO Athearn classic passenger cars by filling the open top equipment void of the floor casting with lead pellets secured with a pouring of ordinary white glue. It holds up even today, done in the early '70's.

I might use lead shot or tungsten powder in the same location today.

 You don't need solid pellet tungsten for weight, powder and glue or other hardening binder will work just fine.

Same with lead......

The tungsten electrodes look interesting, but they may be tungsten coated on a reactive rod suitable for the welding process and thus lighter than the same volume of lead.

Mike Bauers

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Maybe it's just me, but this subject seems to be way over-thought. I suspect you could walk into any tire store and buy enough wheel weights, for a few dollars, to would last quite a while for our use. A vise with a small anvil, a ball peen hammer, and a hack saw, should solve the modification of said weights for our hobby needs. After all, this list is populated primarily by model builders, not model buyers.

Scott Haycock

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