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Seen a couple of days ago at the local Harbor Freight store and the regional NAPA car parts chain is known to sell it in a good sized box that would be a modelers lifetime supply. $23 for a box of them. I can't find a weight but similar sources state a 10 pound box.

Mike Bauers

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A few months ago I went searching for stick-on weight at auto parts stores and came up empty handed after visiting eight stores. These are not as common as they once were.


Eric Hansmann

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Maybe it's just me, but this subject seems to be way over-thought. I suspect you could walk into any tire store and buy enough wheel weights, for a few dollars, to would last quite a while for our use. A vise with a small anvil, a ball peen hammer, and a hack saw, should solve the modification of said weights for our hobby needs. After all, this list is populated primarily by model builders, not model buyers.


Scott Haycock


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