Re: So, did we ever aagree on an answer on this tank car? (UNCLASSIFIED)

Tim O'Connor

Perfectly ordinary 103's were used for vinegar transport, so why not
an insulated 103? I don't think very much can be gleaned from a blurry
photo of a more or less generic tank car other than the owner advertised
paints, chemicals and food products. If it really is a Dupont tank car
as some one said, maybe it is used to transport acetic acid which is
basically vinegar without the water component but is a weak acid and
doesn't require the same handling as hydrochloric or sulfuric acids.

Tim O'Connor

HJ Heinz plant, flood of 1964, in front of vinegar processing plant...

Did they use insulated 103's like this for things that went into vinegar production? Heinz did, and still does, make malt vinegar, and white vinegar, to name two.

I would love to hear what you think?

Elden Gatwood

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