Re: State of Maine blue white and red


May I presume that there are no hobby shops with racks of paint that you can get to?

While its an increasingly out-dated practice; I used to do just that to eyeball match factory model paint.

Normally I would get as close as possible to the true color and get a matching brand white and/or a black as well to lighten or darken the chosen quite close colors.

Later, tinting the paint just a bit with the black or the white would get me spot-on to the needed color.

Since you will be repainting black ladders, may I suggest you first paint them with a primer like color of light gray or off-white? Your touch up paint will then more easily match the existing sides.

Best to ya,
Mike Bauers
Milwaukee, Wi

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I hope this question isn't too generalized as I realize not all factory colors would be the exact same match for the prototype, does anyone have suggestions for a model paint match for the blue, white, and red on the BAR/NH "State of Maine" boxcars? I have a couple that came factory painted but the side ladders are black and should match the stripes. Even a ballpark match would be better than black!
     Bud Rindfleisch

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