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May I suggest you take a clear daylight-level lighting, but not flood lighted, digital picture of your model? Then port the image into your computer and use a color sampling program on it to next match your paint from this website or it’s download……

“ The Ultimate Model Paint Conversion Chart “

You can Google for a color sampling program, they are free. I use one that is bundled with my Not-Windows-OS, but have looked and downloaded before for the free Windows based ones.

You will find the most close colors with this method.

Best to ya,
Mike Bauers
Milwaukee, Wi

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Bud Rindfleisch asked:
"I hope this question isn't too generalized as I realize not all factory colors would be the exact same match for the prototype, does anyone have suggestions for a model paint match for the blue, white, and red on the BAR/NH "State of Maine" boxcars? I have a couple that came factory painted but the side ladders are black and should match the stripes. Even a ballpark match would be better than black!"

Hard to give you a match when you don't give us the kits/models you want to match. Otherwise, you're forcing us to play "find me another rock."

Ben Hom

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