Re: State of Maine blue white and red


if you go for a model RR paint.........

Scalecoat 1 or 2 ...

D&H Blue, S F Blue, B&O Royal Blue, Conrail Blue, C&O Blue, .... Even, dare I say it??? .... Boston & Maine Blue

Best to ya...
Mike Bauers
Milwaukee, Wi, USA

On May 13, 2015, at 11:13 PM, tgregmrtn wrote:


Try to keep it simple because I am not sure you'll ever get two guys in the same space (including cyber space) to agree on color.

If I were doing a New Haven or Bangor and Aroostook State of Maine car (say the F&C kit) I would choose TESTOR (in the ¬ľoz. bottles) Gloss Red, Gloss White and Dark Blue. I may be tempted to darken the blues so I would test it first. I think you will come out okay.

I use solvent based paints so YMMV. You'll find that this series of paints is even flowing and dries hard like an enamel should, so it will take a beating.

Greg Martin

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