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You have an interesting thought.

However we use a heavy pigment, heavy body, rather traditional industrial solvent paint.  This is heavy industrial mining equipment that gets the most extreme abuse. Thus the paint used is the toughest stuff you can get short of using an epoxy based paint.

And still it weathers over some years of general use on lighter environment RR cars.

My suggestion is that earlier RR cars like Maine potato cars of their era will weather and color shift as well.

Historically, blue paint has been one of the swiftest aging paint colors.

That may be improved today. But the RR cars in consideration are not of today.

I propose that degrees of fading and chalking on a freight car is natural and normal.

Mike Bauers

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I would submit that this has little or nothing to do with paint in the era of this list, prior to 1960. And in fact, looking at the era of our group, paint formulation changed dramatically over that time frame, making a paint from 1940 likely to weather very differently from a paint from 1955. Thusly reinforcing my plea that any discussion of paint or weathering must include an era!

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL
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Here's something to consider.......

I was looking at 'our' 4-truck, depressed center flatcars earlier at work. 'PHMX' series. Ten years or less ago they were bright TrailerTrain like yellows.

Now they are faded, very chalky looking, almost a pale yellow-flesh color.

Are you going to go for brand new, or a car with a bit of experience in its appearance? ........ or how about one new one and one with more time on it?

Best to ya...
Mike Bauers
Milwaukee, Wi, USA

On May 14, 2015, at 1:59 AM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

> I think I'll stick with George Bishop's colors ...
> AP- 1 Stencil White
> AP- 4 BAR Blue
> AP-14 NH Socony Red (aka SP Daylight Red, Rock Island Red, ATSF Warbonnet Red, ...)
> Tim O'
> >if you go for a model RR paint.........
> >
> >Scalecoat 1 or 2 ...
> >
> >D&H Blue, S F Blue, B&O Royal Blue, Conrail Blue, C&O Blue, .... Even, dare I say it??? .... Boston & Maine Blue

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