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Actually, my first suggestions were about how to choose the closest possible color and then tint it just a bit to match the model cars factory paint by eye. It's always worked very well for me.

I drifted off in later posts as I thought about how I would do additional cars and sort of lost myself between the worlds of reality and models as the thread seemed to going in that direction.......  Perhaps it was the influence of projects I've been building towards involving fleets of cars? I must have that too much in mind. I get within touching distance of our flatcar fleet a few times every day and each time I get some degree of the thought of how easy it would be to fab them from a slew of trimmed styrene sheet while the matching model is a complex looking casting.

Perhaps I saw too many episodes of 'Connections' ?

But I did start off with posts of my experience in doing just the artistic matching of factory paints.

Acceptable ??

Mike Bauers

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Mike Bauers wrote:
"Are you going to go for brand new, or a car with a bit of experience in its appearance? ........ or how about one new one and one with more time on it?"
READ THE ORIGINAL QUESTION!  Bud's trying to match the existing paint on a model.
Ben Hom

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