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Paul Hillman

My question about the rivets is because Archer's patterns don't fit what I'm trying to build, but MM & MS patterns seem to. Thus, if MM or MS are 3D then I could invest in them. My local hobby shops don't carry any of them.
Trying to build some bridge gusset-plates, and other unique stuff, for STMFC freight cars to roll through.
Paul Hillman

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Once the cat is out of the bag, the copycats come out of the woodwork.

I figure if the project is worth hand applying rivets, it's worth getting the good ones.  I have been using Archer successfully for several years now.  I don't see any reason to change. 

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Richard Brennan wrote:

Chuck - You used "MicroMark"... which are an Archer Surface Details clone.

      I would say more in the character of a cheap copy. If you look closely at the Micromark product, they are misshapen and hardly any two are the same. But of course from a distance they do make a row of little dots. If you care, Archer rivets are far more consistent and are better shaped.

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