Re: Cement in bags, was RE: Malt Shipments


Also remember cement was shipped in bulk in boxcars. When Seattle City Light was building the Diablo and Ross Dam's on the Skagit River in Washington state the cement was produced at the cement plants in Concrete, WA. It was loaded in bulk in Great Northern wood double sheath box cars and sent over the GN to Rockport, WA and than handled by Seattle City Light's Skagit River Railway to the Diablo and Ross Dam sites. This occurred from the late 1920's to late 1940's. At Diablo the cement was shoveled out of the cars into bunkers by hand and the workers got paid double for this miserable job. When Ross Dam was built large vacuum hoses sucked the cement out. Finally when the Ross Power House was built they switched to cement in covered hopper cars.

Did other large construction projects get cement delivered this way?

Richard Wilkens

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