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1. Many of the prototype photos seam to show the side sheathing sitting on top of the floor, suggesting that the floor boards run from the edge of the side sills, not inside the side sheathing.  Would that typically be the case in 1919-1920 when these cars were built?

Really? Care to cite an example? Running the lining on top of the flooring would be just asking to have it bulge and leak grain, which in the decade leading up to the USRA cars had been a great concern,  even spawning some patented solutions. The simplest was what the CN called "side lining anti bulge plates", steel squares riveted to the side sills mid-span between the posts to prevent the lining from bulging. Moving the bottom of the lining 2" up would tend to defeat their purpose.

2. How were the wooden floor boards attached to the side and center sills' ship builder's channel.  Was there some sort of clip?  The USRA drawing suggest something next to the edge of the channels.

I don't have any drawings handy other than the general arrangements that were published in the Car Builder's Cyclopedia (the drawing with the incorrect end sills)  but in the sectional view of the single sheathed cars that shows the floor, it shows the flooring bolts alongside the side sill flanges, and flooring clips drawn with hidden lines, since they are on the other side of the flooring. The clips aren't shown adjacent to the center sill, but the bolt placement indicates they were used there also.

Dennis Storzek

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