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Eric Hansmann

I've been following along on this thread and I see the other box car. The
double sheathed box car behind the gondola sparks my interest. Here's the
direct link to the photo on Tony's blog.

Note the interesting end, often labeled as an Indestructible End, and the
door that opens to the left. What is difficult to determine is the car
length. Most of you may think this is a B&O M-15 class car based upon the
sheathing and the end, but the Erie had a number of 36-foot cars with
similar hardware. As the Wheeling gondola still sports NEW 2-45 on the data,
the image does not post-date the K brake ban.

Does anyone have a thought or two on the wood sheathed box car in the
background? I really wish the photographer was another foot taller here.

Eric Hansmann
El Paso, TX

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Thank you, Bob, I kind of wondered . . .

So, going back to my original question . . .

"But as is all too often the case, I'm distracted by the box car in the
prototype photo, because of the end design. It doesn't look very much like
a "standard" dreadnaught (knowing there's not really any such thing) but
more like a Hutchins end. Do you or does any of the esteemed readers of
this list know anything about that car?"

The picture is the prototype shot in Tony's original post about completing
one of Richard's in-process models. You can find it here:

The car number is very fuzzy in the photo, and my subject line is a guess -
depends on how you squint at a blown-up image of the end number.


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