Re: Tru Color Paint Stripper?

Tim O'Connor


If Tru Color behaves anything like Accupaint, an overspray of thinner with
a couple drops of retarder should repair the damage. Remember that AP and TruColor
are lacquers, not enamels -- they are just colors deposited on the model and do
not polymerize when they dry.

Did you thoroughly clean the resin before painting? Even the slightest mold release
residue can cause problems. I always prime resin before using AP.

Tim O'Connor

I painted two reefer sides with Tru Color WFE Yellow last night using a new Iwata gravity feed airbrush. Apparently, the gravity feed takes much less air pressure than my Paasche siphon feed airbrush, and I ended up with flat grainy sides from too much air pressure. The Tru Color web page doesn�t address suitable strippers for their paints, so I�d like to know what to use to strip the Sunshine resin sides without damaging them.

Nelson Moyer

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