Re: USRA single sheathed box cars flooring questions

Eric Lombard

Hello Everyone,

I have uploaded a spreadsheet that tabulates all USRA Single-sheathed cars built NEW as well as all so farĀ  uncovered that were renumbered or rebuilt and renumbered but retained their original general side and end construction. Some of these received new roofs or doors. Not included are cars rebuilt to steel sheathing. The table does include the 25,000 ordered by the government as well as five additional. Two of the latter were sample cars likely renumbered into one of the known series in the 25,000. Three were built as replacements, one in 1921 and two in 1922. The range of build dates included are from from photos or texts are as are known builder lots. The series are sorted by road and series but can be re-sorted by any if the data columns to suit one's interests.

Eric L.

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