Devils Advocate regarding chemical paint strippers

Bill Welch

As I prepare to paint a couple of Speedwitch CB&Q models with some discontinued Polyscale acrylic paint (I prefer working with acrylics) I was thinking about Nelson's question regarding paint strippers, something I have only one failed attempt using Chameleon on two resin kits (don't do it unless you want to ruin your model).

I am not a chemist or engineer but I do wonder about subjecting styrene and resin to strong chemical substances. I strikes me that both of these medias are relatively fragile plus most if not all of use CA when assembling them, especially resin. Is it authoritatively known that the chemicals commonly used to strip paint have no long term effect on styrene, resin and CA?

I was worried enough about this that with my second experience stripping paint I used a media blaster and aluminum oxide and was very happy with the results and the styrene hoppers were not exposed to chemicals.

Just wondering out loud and being a little bit of a Devil's Advocate since I really do not know.

Bill Welch

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