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Charles Peck

There is a material called dental impression putty. Two part stuff like an epoxy.
Available from many sources including Amazon.  I have no experience at using it.
Chuck Peck

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Micro Mark carries a rubber mold making material that is reusable.  You heat the rubber material in the microwave pour your mold, cast and than you can create a new mold by reheating the mold material in the microwave. I have not tried it but it seems like an interesting solution to creating molds. 

Mark P Stamm
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Ed and all,

When I had impressions taken for making a 5 unit bridge for my lower right jaw in 2005, the dentist used a hard setting epoxy-like resin.  It was sort of purple in color, very soft and mushy when put on. Remarkably hard when set.  I don't know if dental wax is made or used anymore.

Ed Bommer

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