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Andy Harman

Also I fully endorse Windex for any form of acrylic cleanup.  Brushes, needles, jars, hands... Works great.

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Given the thread about handling Tru-Color paints, I cannot remember if I have ever voiced an important caveat for those that might be interested in painting with Acrylics, which I have been doing for over 20 years now on both styrene and resin.

For the first couple of years I was using a Binks "Wren" airbrush with mixed results, often having to stop and clean the airbrush. That changed when Badger introduced their "Anthem" #155 that has a .76mm Needle and Nozzle or Tip, the issue being that Acrylics require a larger opening to be sprayed successfully. If you have been unhappy with your efforts with Acrylics, you may want to invest in a new AB with a larger tip and matching need. I know Passche now offers ABs with larger openings, their Talon can be equipped with a .66mm needle/tip combo for example, and Grex has large needle/tips combos also.

The 155 is a siphon feed and I spray at 20-22 PSI.

For cleaning, after I paint, I do an initial cleanse with Distilled water w/back flush, then Windex w/back flush,  water again, and finish up with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol. This last step is a recent addition and now when I pull the needle out to clean it out it is really clean of paint. Regardless I pulll the needle through a Paper Shop Towel a couple of time, apply a dab of Needle Lub and rub it between my fingers a couple of times to spread it along the length of the needle, then pull it through a paper towell to remove the excess.

Bill Welch

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