Re: UP in Kansas

Tim O'Connor

Mike, sorry you had problems with the web site. I have an XP PC and
have had zero problems with, no malware etc etc -- the videos are
Flash (Adobe) and I play them directly (I never download stuff to my PC).
Also I don't log in or share any information with the site. I use Firefox
with Adblock (both of which have large bad web site blacklists built in).
You may have problems if you run an anti-virus. Most anti-virus software
is viral itself -- I had a heck of a time eradicating Kaspersky Anti-Virus
from my PC! You really don't need it if you're a careful web user and have
a router firewall.

Video sharing is rampant, illegal, and unstoppable. Almost any movie you
can name is available online and there are dozens of good web sites. Free Films
is one I frequent because it is reliable. Putlocker is another. My kids showed
me these sites, I had no idea -- You just plug the laptop into the TV's HDMI
port and away you go!

I also watched Bad Day At Black Rock the other day -- Awesome flick that
features five minutes of beautiful photography of SP black widow F units
and Daylight painted passenger cars. And it's a great classic movie.

Tim O'Connor

I just looked up the location of the registered site.
It's in " Vienna Austria "........... a place where English is not the native language.
So why are the American movies there, on an English site?
Just wondering......... maybe others will as well ?
Now I used a Mac........ Lord knows what it will try to do to a Windows PC.
Mike Bauers

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