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Thank you Tim,

I’m going through a slew of problems with Java-script page redirects on my phone and the frustration sort of bubbles over for me when I see the same trick coding is now penetrating the computer browser Internet as well. My only recourse on the phone is to ban the intermediate trigger sites that funnel me to the annoying [app-game] sale sites. Which works until they later change those redirection sites.

I’m going to follow your suggestions and arm up Firefox with its anti-malware plug-ins. Mac-Safari is just not catching up to the latest trick site coding, fast enough.

I really like those flicks and once I arm my Foxfire, I’ll give it another go. I understand similar plug-in add-ons make Firefox and your computer almost bullet proof with Facebook and if you dedicate an install of Firefox to be a tricked out Facebook tool, you won’t have Facebook tracking you through your normal Internet use on your ‘main’ browser as well as having a much reduced bookmark file for FaceBook to mine. I’ve already set up a Firefox for that, I’ll add a bit more in needed plug-ins to it and use it for any sites that act like this one……… and maybe view a lot of the good old flicks of this site through it.

Best to ya,
Mike Bauers
Milwaukee, Wi

On Jun 5, 2015, at 10:28 AM, Tim O'Connor  wrote:

Mike, sorry you had problems with the web site. I have an XP PC and
have had zero problems with, no malware etc etc -- the videos are
Flash (Adobe) and I play them directly (I never download stuff to my PC).
Also I don't log in or share any information with the site. I use Firefox
with Adblock (both of which have large bad web site blacklists built in).
You may have problems if you run an anti-virus. Most anti-virus software
is viral itself -- I had a heck of a time eradicating Kaspersky Anti-Virus
from my PC! You really don't need it if you're a careful web user and have
a router firewall.

Video sharing is rampant, illegal, and unstoppable. Almost any movie you
can name is available online and there are dozens of good web sites. Free Films
is one I frequent because it is reliable. Putlocker is another. My kids showed
me these sites, I had no idea -- You just plug the laptop into the TV's HDMI
port and away you go!

I also watched Bad Day At Black Rock the other day -- Awesome flick that
features five minutes of beautiful photography of SP black widow F units
and Daylight painted passenger cars. And it's a great classic movie.

Tim O'Connor

>I just looked up the location of the registered site.
>It's in " Vienna Austria "........... a place where English is not the native language.
>So why are the American movies there, on an English site?
>Just wondering......... maybe others will as well ?
>Now I used a Mac........ Lord knows what it will try to do to a Windows PC.
>Mike Bauers

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