Texas Central Peanut cars


I drove through Gorman, DeLeon, and Dublin Texas this week and saw 4 boxcars labeled Texas Central. However, they were originally N&W 48000-48999. They now have 4 roof hatches in the center of the roof, I assume for peanut loading. That area is currently served by the FW&W and has peanut plants at Gorman and DeLeon.


The MKT operated the line from 1914 - 1967. The new TC ran it from 1967 - ? .  My question is when were the N&W cars sold to the TC and converted to peanut hauling?


Also in Dublin is CCCX 568,  a 1945 GATX ICC-103-A sulphuric Acid riveted tank car,  7611 gallon. Yes, I took lots of photos.



J. Stephen Sandifer

Minister Emeritus, Southwest Central Church of Christ

Webmaster, Santa Fe Railway Historical and Modeling Society


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