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In all the G25 photos I looked at, the only differences I saw were related to the eventual G25B conversions, where they welded up the ends, added grabs, and did away with the rotating brake stand. PRR pretty much left these guys alone, and then got rid of them as fast as they could afford to, unlike the PRR-designed classes they upgraded. I think your reference photo should do just fine. Are you doing the rotating brake stand?

Elden Gatwood

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There appears to be more than one number series for PRR G25 gondolas. Would all G25 gons have the same appearance regardless of number series? Same appearance but different stenciling?

PRR G25 gons 825392 (825288-825436) and 840410 (840319-840440) were on the M&StL in February 1949 and May 1950 respectively, hauling "steel" and "pig iron" respectively.

Would the photo of PRR G25 gondola 316084 (eBay item #121669089356 from Ted Culotta) show me what 825392 or 840410 should look like?

Gene Green

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