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Yes.  You will find this same situation with other PRR cars.  It resulted from accounting procedures.  Blocks of numbers were assigned to lines west of Pittsburgh vs lines east of Pittsburgh and some of the other major wholely owned lines all operated as PRR.  Generally (nothing is absolute here), cars assigned numbers below 500000 were assigned to lines east and those over 500000 to lines west for accounting -- cost of acquisition, maintenance etc.  They all freely roamed the system and rails of the nation.  This practice ended with the acquisition of the X31 boxcars.  While not all cars of a given class or subclass were in the same number series, the separate series were not because of accounting.  Most often it was a case of finding a large enough group of available numbers to slot in the new cars without undertaking a massive renumbering.

Rich Orr

There appears to be more than one number series for PRR G25 gondolas.  Would all G25 gons have the same appearance regardless of number series?  Same appearance but different stenciling?
PRR G25 gons 825392 (825288-825436) and 840410 (840319-840440) were on the M&StL in February 1949 and May 1950 respectively, hauling "steel" and "pig iron" respectively.  
Would the photo of PRR G25 gondola 316084 (eBay item #121669089356 from Ted Culotta) show me what 825392 or 840410 should look like?
Gene Green

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